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Verde is a bookcase system designed to improve the use of the space through a wide opportunity of storage following the height of the walls in the room.

 Capacity - Lightness - Modular

Inspired by retro Scandinavian bookcases, Verde get a twist in the structure thanks to the metal profiles equipped with side rails allowing boxes and shelves to slide into position.

Each wood part is modular.
Verde, indeed, is a versatile structure given the mobility offered by the rails.


The big modules on the bottom are provided with weight-block-system wheels; it is possible to carry them out of the structure and stand on them, reaching the highest shelves.
These modules have different purposes:  two of them are used for storage of books with inside space and drawers; the other two can turn in a child recreational station through a small sit and a raise up desk.

The design of Verde includes a TV spot, a desk and a shoe rack.

metal and oak.

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