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L'Enoteca, nestled at Grote Hondstraat 5, Antwerp, was a gratifying interior design project. Collaborating with my dear friend Giuliano, the passionate owner and chef, we shared a love for the old, traditional Catholic aesthetic with a twist that ventured in a new direction. Together, we embarked on creating a cozy Italian wine bar/restaurant that exuded a unique concept—a sacristy/post-Mass space catering to both spiritual and physical fulfillment, with wines as the perfect complement.

Playing with a captivating contrast, we harmonized off-whites with blacks to highlight mesmerizing blues. Traditional structures effortlessly blended with contemporary art prints and ritual objects, seamlessly becoming part of the decor.

A delightful adventure took us through the enchanting old alleys of Napoli. There, we curated a treasure trove of gorgeous objects, all meticulously handcrafted by Napolitan artisan masters. Giuliano's resourceful father, "Don Carlo," enriched our journey with his invaluable expertise.

Designing L'Enoteca was a love letter to our home culture and traditions. The result was an inviting and immersive space that effortlessly fused tradition with contemporary vibes. Patrons not only relished delectable Italian cuisine but also indulged in an atmosphere that satisfied their spiritual and culinary desires.

Collaborating with Giuliano, i was able to bring our vision to life, turning L'Enoteca into an enchanting destination in the heart of Antwerp. Blending nostalgia and innovation, the interior design was an ode to artisan craftsmanship and a celebration of shared passion. #InteriorDesign #ItalianWineBar #ArtisanCraftsmanship

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