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Grote Hondstraat 5

2018, Antwerp

Concept: Design of the interior of this cozy italian winebar / restaurant located in the heart of Berchem , Antwerp. My friend Giuliano (  owner and chef) and I share the taste for the old, traditional catholic aestethic twisted in something that vibes in a different direction, so we agreed in recreat a kind of sacristy / a post-Mass space that would fulfill your spiritual and physical self ( wines included).

Here that off-whites contrasts with blacks that highlights the blues; here that the traditional structures clashes with contemporary art-prints and ritual objects that become parts of the decor.


It has been a lot of fun going through the old alleys of Napoli to collect all these gorgeous objects ( all handmade by Napolitan artisan masters) with Giuliano and his resourceful father "Don Carlo"  

PHOTOGRAPHY : @alessiocapone_ragno

Graphic Design :

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