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Graphic Design

As a project leader of the Design of the Gelateria Savini in Antwerp, I had the privilege of crafting the brand identity for a charming place. Drawing inspiration from its vintage interior design, the graphic identity evokes a sense of softness and visual nostalgia, celebrating the artisanal and beloved products.

The logo was carefully designed to encapsulate the essence of the gelateria, reflecting its homemade delights. The colors identity was thoughtfully chosen to complement the vintage theme, enhancing the overall ambiance.

Business cards and letterheads were meticulously created, ensuring consistency throughout all brand materials. Eye-catching posters added flair to promotions, while communication materials conveyed the gelateria's unique story.

Additionally, illustrations and vintage blueprints added an artistic touch, further enhancing the brand's distinct personality. It was an incredible experience shaping the identity of this gelateria, where creativity and nostalgia merged seamlessly. #GraphicDesign #Branding #ArtisticTouch

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