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In January 2018, I had the honor of illustrating for an article about the GENDER PAY GAP featured on

Drawing inspiration from my grandparents' traditions, I crafted a poignant visual representation.

My grandfather's gold money-holder, juxtaposed with my grandmother's tiny wallet, symbolized the stark disparity in the job market based on gender.

Through this artwork, I tried to emphasize the profound inequity experienced by individuals of different genders in their professional lives.

By drawing attention to the historical context, I aimed to raise awareness about the ongoing challenges faced by women and marginalized genders in the workplace.

Joining forces with, I endeavored to spark conversations, drive awareness, and promote change towards a more just and equitable society. Let's continue to work together to break down barriers and create a world where talent and dedication are recognized and rewarded irrespective of gender.

#GenderEquality #PayEquity #ArtForChange

read the article here:

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