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"The Boys" holds a special place in my heart as a meaningful personal project.

This unique venture captures the essence of camaraderie and celebrates the individuals who chose to wear my design on t-shirts, which are available on

Through "The Boys," I aim to showcase a diverse and random selection of photos featuring Instagram followers sporting my illustrations, transforming them into a fashion statement. It's a powerful testament to the connection between art and personal expression.

This project is a heartfelt appreciation to all these wonderful guys who embraced my work, making it a part of their own style and identity. Witnessing my designs come to life on real people fuels my passion for creativity and artistic expression.

"The Boys" project serves as an inspiring reminder of the impact art can have on people's lives, bringing them together through shared admiration for creativity and individuality.

Again thanks to all of them.

Illustration posted on my instgram account:

T-shirts sold on:

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