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37 is the civic number of the apartament i have been busy renovating in Napoli.

It Is also the apartment where i grew up, where i come back, where my heart is;

It Is the place of mum and dad and i have been honored to have the chance to switch It up completely, to give them the chance to feel good with their space, to dig deep in the family history, with all the objects that were parte of our life, and make something new.

A new synthesis

A new chapter

The idea Is to create a fresh and colorful space where lines and clean volumes get combined with choosed details of the family.

Thanks to my mam and dad for allowing me.

Thanks to my brother Gennaro Argiuolo for working with me on the Plan to re-shape the space.

Thanks to my uncles Sabato Trotta and Carlo Argiuolo for making the magic happen.

Photos by: Francesco Amato.

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