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At the heart of my professional journey lies "37" - a place that holds immense significance in my life.

This apartment in Napoli, bearing the civic number 37, not only represents the address I grew up in but also serves as a nostalgic sanctuary where my heart finds solace.

Having embarked on a profound renovation project, I had the honor of transforming this cherished space into something truly special for my parents - the custodians of our family's history.

This project allowed me to create an environment where their comfort and happiness took center stage.

"37" became a canvas for weaving together the tapestry of our family's journey, preserving the objects that have been an integral part of our lives, and blending them harmoniously with new elements.

The result was a fresh and vibrant synthesis, where clean lines and volumes harmoniously merged with carefully selected details that hold deep sentimental value.

The process of revitalizing "37" transcended the mere renovation of a physical space; it was a spiritual journey, a celebration of love, and a tribute to our shared history. It marks a new chapter in my professional life, where the art of design intersects with the profound emotion of homecoming.

With "37," I aim to inspire others to recognize the immense power of spaces in shaping memories and fostering a sense of belonging.

Thanks to my mam and dad for allowing me.

Thanks to my brother Gennaro Argiuolo for working with me on the Plan to re-shape the space.

Thanks to my uncles Sabato Trotta and Carlo Argiuolo for making the magic happen.

Photos by: Francesco Amato.

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